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Greg, depending where you are living right now, you can get a WMR off Amazon.com for a much cheaper price than usual because of an offer Microsoft did.

People seem to argue that either Dell and Lenovo are the best ones. We got ourselves Dells, although I have a problem that from time to time the headset disconnects for some reason. (Seems like the specific USB port you connect it to might have an influence on that, there are some specific USB 3 ports in my motherboard which are pretty stable), but she doesn’t have that issue herself. I can’t talk about other headsets, however, I found this Youtuber named Blunty who tried them all at the Paxaus (or something like that) and recommended the Dell over the others. That influenced me on my decision.

I was able to get mine using a mail proxy service (One that receives the packages and then ships them to me), although depending where you live this can get more or less expensive.

My wife got it for $200, I got it for around $260+customs because the price started going up by the time I got paid. Good luck!