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Hello, I wanted to add myself to the poll of people wanting WMR support, and if possible, change my VR setup to WMR (I’m not sure how to change it in my profile). I just got my Dell WMR headset and was able to give it a test run with Kinect today, unfortunately, I was trying it with Kinect, but I keep having a few issues.

1) For some reason, when the Driver4VR is running, seems like the controller is prone to lose pairing and jitter a LOT. The headset is fine, though.
2) When doing the calibration, I am doing head off, hands off, bodytracking on. I am able to calibrate the body and it looks like it gives little error even on the stats, even the skeleton in the pink screen looks pretty good, however, when trying it in a VR experience, the Driver4VR bodytracking controllers are always on the ground or spazzing about and screwing up the WMR controllers. (Also, trying it in VRChat, instead of the balls, I see additional controllers with red buttons, which are on the ground)=
3) The VRChat avatar is pulled downwards, probably trying to reach the controllers on the ground
4) Would it be possible to add support for the WMR controllers to act like Oculus Touch? I tried emulating the Oculus controllers but VRChat still detects them as VIVE. This is useful, because that way we could comfortably use the joystick in the controllers to move the character
5) At times, when finishing the VR experience with Driver4VR when playing a SteamVR game, the headset goes “bluescreen”, and the mixed reality portal won’t respond anymore, hanging up the process explorer for some reason. I haven’t had this problem when not running D4VR

I will post more issues as I find them. I really think Driver4VR has great potential, but it’s a little “raw” at the moment. If you could add support for WMR, I will probably purchase another license for my wife, as she also got a WMR for her computer. 🙂

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I am using Kinect 360.