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The software of captoglove allow to assign key strokes, mouse movements and mouse button clicks to fingers. Moreover , basd on how much bending the fingers, I can assign two key stroke/2 functions to 1 finger.
The gloves work perfectly to control non vr games.
For vr games , the gloves can work if the game allow the use of mouse and keyboard and can be used in conjunction with the vive controllers to strap on the forearm.

So I was wondering if your drivers used in conjunction with leap motion , while I am wearing the gloves , can :

1) remove/avoid the use of the vive controllers to tight on my foreharm.

2) allow me to activate keyboard and mouse clicks and mouse movements to those vr games were the mouse and keyboard are disabled .
For example, fallout 4 vr disable the keyboard and mouse clicks/use.
Arizona, instead, allow the use of the mouse and keyboard , in place of using the vive controllers