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hello i am having a problem like this also, if i watch the device manager soon as the microphone kinect driver pops up everything but kinect for windows goes away, the kinect flashes between 2 and 4 times then stops, and iv tryed uninstalling drivers and installing nothing working have tryed all the usb port on laptop and nothing(gaming laptop) plugged into my desktop(video card isnt good enough for vr) and it works in usb 2.0 and 3.0 port but not in usb3.1 gen 2 port does same thing as laptop in that port, and i tryed to get d4vr to read the kinect on working port but says can not read the kinect the green light on kinect sits there and flashes, wat am i doing wrong o.0 kinect 360 with hde power adapter from amazon 12 1.08amp output

if i unplug the adapter only kinect for windows shows and the kinect sits and flashes in all usb ports

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