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I paired them in the PS Move Service, but they only seem to work when plugged in to either the charging dock, the PC, or a USB Wall Charger. My guess is the batteries are dead. The seller didn’t mention that. I’ve ordered some replacement battieries and trying to get a partial refund.

I’m only using PS Move Serivce, I assume I don’t need anything else like PSMoveSteamVRBridge with Driver4VR? I haven’t gotten to properly test them with Driver4VR because my miniUSB cables are way too short. I have some extension cables somewhere, I plan to try to test them wired later.

The biggest problem with the VR controllers I had in VR chat is the hands always face straight down, making using menus enteriely impossible to use.

It seems the menu orientation is the same as your hand orientation so you end up looking at the menu from the side. I can try to get a picture if you need. But if the hands could just face straight out that’d help a ton. The way it is now I have to look so far up to straighten the menu out, that I can’t actually click anything on it.

I did have another issue with the VR Gamepades in the button mapping withing Driver4VR, the analog stick will always fail mapping if I just move it normally, I have to try and just barely move it until progress goes up, then stop, and repeat, if I keep going it immeditely fails.

I’ll try to get a screenshot of both issues soon. I’m having to redo the setup because I had to resort to reinstall windows to fix the Kinect dropping out randomly(not related to Driver4VR, another unrelated issue), so I can’t take any right this moment.