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Hey Greg!

My issue actually went beyond just the buttons (controllers were barely being detected 1 out of 40 attempts) That build you posted seems to do the trick in terms of actually getting my PSMove controllers detected in Driver4VR and in SteamVR games using IVRy app (iOS/iphone version of Riftcat/Vridge) (Seems to work almost every-time now!)

Regarding buttons… I think the controller buttons were also detected for my PSMoves! (Lots of new things are happening in games)

My issue now is mapping navigation controllers (that I don’t own) to the PSMove controllers. A simple forward/backwards would do the trick for a game like VRChat. The Driver4VR button mapping is a little confusing; and I don’t know if its even possible to map navigation buttons for forward/backwards to move in a free game like VRChat. [Figuring it out]

I’m now 50% convinced to support Driver4VR officially, and I’m sure many other IOS users who use IVRy app will take interest too.