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D TXcalibur

I had a better experience in comparison. It is definitely way way better than first beta. Thank Greg for implementing the solutions/improvement and i’m looking forward to try the reflector and larger POI balls. 😀

Skeleton tracking is good for short to long range. It’s the less precise and hence affects orientation of controllers when swinging around 360 but with CPU at ~50%, plenty of power left for the game to run smooth. Even if the skeleton is messed up, it recovers quickly. It is prone to occlusion problem when limbs/body overlaps. Ex: bow and arrow, dual yield anything at any angle. Good for all games in the lab but don’t expect precision.

ROI disabled is the next more CPU intensive one @ ~70%. Great for seating position. It is range sensitive: precise and jitter at short range and shaking a lot/loose tracking for a while/or permanently at long range. Tracking is worse during fast movement but handles dual yield guns pretty well (less prone to occlusion problem). Therefore, it’s good for controllers precision but not HMD(constant jitter still).

ROI enabled is the most CPU intensive one @ 80-90%%. It is smoother than the last one and the best of all. But since CPU is almost maxed out, when the game become more CPU intensive, tracking/buttons will freeze/glitch sometime temporarily, sometimes permanently. Bulb range issue does affect the tracking negatively still.