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D TXcalibur

I tried your suggestions and tried different things with the setup (with the lights off and an adjustable light filter).

It works better at short range regardless of brightness as long as it is not too bright. However, the brighter it is, the better it’s detectable at long range.

The only way I can tell the quality of the calibration right now is by how frequent the square boxes flashes for the controllers. If tracking is consistent(less or no flashing), there is less jitter. I can’t do the same for HMD because it doesn’t have a square box(or my bulb is too dim?)

Otherwise, can you also add a box for HMD colour tracking or some other indicator so we can tell the quality of tracking (rather than a pass/fail)? Kinect360 really needed to be used at long range because of the fov. Thanks!

P.S.: Using colour tracking for everything has a CPU hit that result in more latency. It will be great if it can be reduced further… 😀