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Just tested your latest build greg.

Love some of the new features like the hmd color tracking and button mapping also

Bug- Whenever I try hmd color tracking with the kinect body tracking the hmd color calibration just constantly say calibration failed. Even when the psvr is so perfectly place in the box with good lighting.

This same color calibration works whenever I do led hands tracking and hmd color tracking but in this mode the cpu usage is too high unfortunately and even on the color calibration stage you can see delays in the camera movement. This is exactly how it works in the game due to high cpu usage.

I honestly don’t know what you could do for the cpu problem gregg maybe its just my pc but for me kinect body tracking with moves with led off but buttons mapped this is how I achieve smoothness currently until ps moves ledd way is made smoother.

Positives – hmd led tracking once fixed I feel would be perfect for racing sims or any cockpit sims I hope you make this perfect.