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I followed advice on other threads closed osvr the oculus thing I had running and also started psmoveservice before starting up steam vr and driver4vr. And it worked better. I got about 60/80% cou usage now and games were playable 🙂

I just played box vr with putting the move controllers on the floor and just using my own hands wth the body tracking as boxing and I have to say that was awesome apart from slight hand drifting to wrong way (I think this is because I have new move controllers I can’t calibrate a magmometer because the new ones don’t have) unfortunate for me but that was good.

This is from someone who’s used the rift almost on par for this game slightly harder but once I get used to the framerate I think I’ll beat my rift scores. Superhot is another games that worked really well.

Some other games are a little difficult currently because my cpu is so high but progress made im now super pleases I bought this and I really appreciate what you’ve done here.

Thanks greg