David ReamesDavid Reames

I’ll second this request, I bought Riftcat, the controller app, and Driver4VR with hopes they would work together.

Trying to get a good setup for VRChat is more difficult than I anticipated. The menu system really needs the Kinect’s forward/backward axis on your hands to function as intended, which you don’t get with Riftcat/the controller app. In-game locomotive movement has also been difficult to optimize. Step one was using a movement-first controller setup via Steam with non-teleport movement allowed in VRChat. Riftcat has an option to increase or decrease your movement speed and that proved really nice as well. If you manage to allow Riftcat’s android controller to function with Driver4VR Kinect hand tracking do you think Riftcat’s movement variables would be passed on as well?

Really glad to hear it’s on your list, this stuff is phenomenal!