Stefan TST

I wrote to the developer also, it seems like he’s in vacation since no answers.
So, welcome to the paid community support 🙂
I discovered that the problem was coming from AMD Relive VR for native h.265 encoding.
I tried Vridge and ALVR, ALVR was giving so far the only results close to AMD since (reportedly) using AMD hardware codecs. Vridge gave for me pixelated images, huge lags and artefacts. Perhaps my Galaxy S6 is too old for its codecs.
So what I use now: ALVR, Kinect360 placed at least 3 meters away (there is a lens kit on ebay that can make it be used closer), ALVR, the 5 USD “VR controllers” on ebay mapped on Driver4VR. You need this especially for calibrating the play area aka “Chaperone” via one of the buttons, since it seems to be randomly allocated. For tuning SteamVR, try also to get ‘OpenVR Advanced Settings’ free app.
So far I played Beat Saber (works reasonably) and Creed (Kinect 360 cannot follow wrists so well so I think I need 2 PS Move controllers). I will keep searching for guides on that.
Biggest problem by far is the phone overheat in max 10 minutes and also lens fogging. Still looking for solutions.

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