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Bla BlablaGreg Driver

this ball is almost perfect cause it gives unified light but unfortunately it is a bit dark.
you can still use it by making exposure of kinect bigger (either manually kinect 360 or by parameter for One). Or make a manually lower range of Value component of HSV filter. Unfortunately automatic calibration will not work and you must enter range for HSV manually (not that hard). I might do something to address it like option to make lower colour threshold or simply find brightest without any threshold.
Both options in circle.

Driver4VR colour calibrating dark colour

Like said, it will be no perfect because brightness is very average compared to other elements at home and ps move would be ideal.
Honestly I spent days on looking for perfect bulb out of the shelf 🙂
If you or anyone find something cool then please post here.

anyway I ordered like 10 pieces to give around and everyone loves it 🙂