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Cheolwoo LimBoronare

by using this app before run driver4vr, I could decrease exposure time so cam could recognize rapidly moving marker.
by increase brightness and maximize contrast and gamma, I could compensate low exposure.
lots of noise there, of course, but no matter for recognizing trackers.

to Greg : Is it a hard job to make marker size float?
It’s even better than kinect now I think. but some defect exists.
they are what I said last time.
1.Marker size param is integer.
2.Camera tilt not available.
I want them to be fixed asap…

And some complements needed :
1.Supporting more markers. hip tracker very necessary(not for me : using cv1 3rd touch as tracker…), and somebody wants head/hand tracking like nolo. so maybe up to 6?
2.Calibration interface
3.exposure/etc setting for webcam native. low priority? : can use app I attached instead.
4.Supporting multiple cams : better than supporting opposite facing secondary marker..?
5.supporting 5th marker : for low computing power system…?

ed) oh.. exe file upload is forbidden… it’s VideoCap.exe by Alcor Micro Corp.

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