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Stephen ScanlanFunKPunK

Greg I am also having major issues with psmove usage as per original post. All psmove configuration is perfect. The HMD in virtual space is where I’d expect but controllers are either missing, appear miles away or stuck together or jittery.

I use iVRy on Steam add was wondering if the psmovebridge installed with iVRy is causing conflicts. The SteamVR shows 4 controllers sometimes as well as you to 3 Kinects.

I’ve followed they tutorial I can find but nothing works. A detailed step by step document would help I think. I’m using a PSVR, Kinect 360, iVRyPSVR, iVRy psmovebridge – which I’ve also tried to disable. Any help would be fantastic, I’ve agent way too many hours on this. 💷