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I’m having this issue as well. I have no clue what to do from here.
So far I’ve tried: making the directory readable and writable, Uninstalling iVRy, Making exceptions in bit defender, Literally turning off my antivirus, multiple reinstall attempts.

I don’t know where all the residual files are after uninstalling and tbh don’t feel like I should have to delete the excess bits to get it to install properly.

So the 3 options
Abort, closes the installer (obviously)
Retry, just fails again
Ignore, gives error in second picture

My PC specs:
Ryzen 3600
Msi Gaming X trio 1080ti
16gb Trident Z neo 3600mhz
1tb Crucial P1(boot)
2tb Sabrent Rocket(second drive)
Air Cooled
Asus x570-F Motherboard
Corsair RM 850w Gold PSU

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