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Rey Aldrin GonzalesCode Breaker SI

Hi, this is an update from my previous message, Greg and NiHuShu I think I solved why people with wii motion plus inside keeps on disconnecting. It’s because of Bluetooth range. It’s a hardware problem. I wasn’t able to play for like 5 or less minutes because the wiimote keeps on disconnecting and I have a wii motion plus inside. When I bought the insignia Bluetooth dongle, I’m able to play for like an hour or more without disconnecting. I don’t think it’s the type of phone or app you use it’s just the Bluetooth hardware that makes the problem. But I specifically used an Insignia Bluetooth for my Bluetooth extension so I don’t know if other Bluetooth dongle works. Also in the device manager you have to disable “Generic Bluetooth Adapter” for the dongle to work. The “Generic Bluetooth Adapter” is not the dongle but what’s built in the laptop or desktop Bluetooth. I also use IVRy app but I don’t think that makes any difference.