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michael lamKozak

Wanted to make an update for this thread.

The original motherboard i got with my new CPU ended up being faulty. It has some pci errors and USB would not, no matter what i did, operate at full speed. I replaced the motherboard with a Aorus B450 M

The issue continued onto this new board however. I tried all 8 of the USB 3.1 ports and no luck. Every forum post i could find said that it “should be fine” on a 3.1 but the configuration verification always had that yellow mark.

On a chance, i had an older 3.0 PCIe card sitting around with 2 USB ports. I hooked that into my computer and without a problem, boom, full 30 fps on the depth stream.

This is the PCIe card that i used – https://www.vantecusa.com/products_detail.php?p_id=125

I believe my specific issue was the USB reading as a 3.1 and not a 3.0 drive, but it could be something else. Either way. that pcie card is still for sale for about $20.