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Marvin AchillesFennek_Kaipii

Any update on the interest of RealSense support?
Cause now when we talk 2x Kinect 2.0,
it is also 2x ~50€ Kinects + 2x~30€ adapters…
They cost even far more with a warranty on them and get less available more and more.

2x Kinect v2.0 setup 160€/~180$
(minimum, growing price in coming years due to availability, cause EoL product)
Nolo is ~200$ new
PS Move (2 controllers and cam used) for minimum 75€/85$

Me and a buddy are actually looking into more options for external tracking with higher accuracy, no additional markers and non xbox/ps related sensors.
(Like D415 149$; D435 179$; D435i 199$)

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