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sergiy botsmansersoft

Your ps-eye setup probably needs recalibration, some of your cameras may have moved (even a tenth of a milimeter affects it) and you have to carefully re-calibrate tracking poses in psmoveservice config.

I recommend setting them all to 60fps, then doing all the psmoveservice calibrations (colors and poses) again then close psmoveservice and restart your pc to check if calibration actually sticks

Also they may not be in wide-angle mode (turn each camera’s aperture clockwise to make sure it points at the blue dot) or may simply be not pointing low enough, or your cameras may be getting a false positive from another light-source in the room, or you simply got too many reflective surfaces in your play area

My 4 ps eye setup is now very accurate and not shaky at all, but it took a lot of small tweaks and time on my part to get there, the only thing that bothers me now is the massive input delay as your hand movements are really not low-latency like on HTC vive or index.

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