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joe gormanlyjoeontherun

Finally im getting somewhere seems like there needs to be a set way of adding the controllers i seem to get more success with the gear VR than i do with the daydream actually the day dream seems very intermittent,

But this may be down to the cheap Bluetooth adaptor i ordered from ebay even though its 4.0 signal is really bad i need to hold my Gear Vr controller next to the Bluetooth adaptor to get a reliable response taking it away to standing distance gives it really bad lag and drop outs,

But in principal it works i am going to fork out on the asus BT400 that Greig advised on as i think this will provide beter quality signal not unless i can open ip the bt i have and try to better the antenna, doesn’t help the BT is down the side of muy computer next to the cables and the WIFI USB Adaptor so this may factor in interference,

i was so chuffed playing my first VR game Drinking pub fight and being able to lamp someone over the head with a pint or a bench worked as expected using skeleton and having the controllers set up as inputs, But i did notice lag here and there but again this looks to be down to the cheap BT or Placement of the BT adaptor,