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David HarrisonDavidOBE

Here’s the details:

Phone: Galaxy A8 + Gear VR
Connection through SteamVR: Using ALVR

With the basic setup, I can only rotate the controller, but I cannot move it farther away to grap something since it’s only 3DOF.

While browsing, I found the following freepie script:

In the file ALVR_NoVR_v03.7z, there is a script called “GearVRExtendedController.py”. With this script, I can just swipe my thumb on the GearVR controller trackpad and the virtual arm will be able to move like a 6DOF controller.

My question was if I use the Kinect and the wiimote using Driver4VR, will I be able to just extend my physical arm in front of me and my virtual arm will also extend to be able to grap something in the game? Or I will only be able to move it up and down and left and right, not front backward?