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joe gormanlyjoeontherun

And the saga continues slowly but surly im beginning to think this is not as straight forward as made out to be!

i am awaiting my USB Bluetooth 4.0 adaptor still arriving however

i went out and bought a USB 2.1 Bluetooth adaptor apparently standard Yes and guess what you guessed it Didn’t work all 3 controllers NOT showing up in Bluetooth search manager 🙁

That sucks! so the surface sees them but desktop is not with a USB Bluetooth adaptor i didn’t see anywhere in the guides mentioning what type of Bluetooth adaptor this stuff requires to be honest who knows the usb Bluetooth 4.0 probably will not pick up nothing to i don’t know,

I’m a bit annoyed because i am now an owner of a daydream, gear vr and an oculus go controller as according to the guide it would be nice and easy if you have a Bluetooth adaptor No mention of the model

Can someone highlight me on the requirements to get these controllers to a pc what Bluetooth receiver if its that do we need here?