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Lukas Skrabulisnocturrr

Hello there

I use GearVR controllers and they work just great! They are mapped really good in Driver4VR software and have all buttons and functions like Vive wands. To avoid drift – Yaw should be overwritten by Kinect.

Also, it is worth investing in a good Bluetooth dongle so the controllers would be detected and work properly.

In order for controllers to work you need to reinsert batteries and pair with PC before you start gaming session and unpair after you finished. Doing this way they work every time!

My setup:

OS: Win10
Bluetooth dongle: Asus USB-BT400
Head: GearVR (modified, for proper USB tethering) + RiftCat (HEVC enabled) + Note8
Controller: 2 x GearVR controllers
Body tracking: Kinect One

Thank you, Greg! Really good work! Playing HL Alyx no problems, great experience!

Can’t wait for 2 x Kinect feature!