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joe gormanlyjoeontherun

Hi i posted the other day saying i was running some tests seemed i was wrong sorry

1. i searched via Bluetooth on my surface & loan and behold i found the VR controller listed 🙂 (i was testing this on my mac before with boot camp might have been flaky Bluetooth drivers,

2. i managed to connect via Bluetooth on my surface and proceeded to the tests site where you can run a test and all ran fine on there through the surface so i installed steam steamvr kinnect software & driver4vr get them up and running selected virtual tracker and picked tracker manager and then enabled gear vr controller i updated the list and there it was “gearvr(Code)” listed i then proceeded to test but no keys buttens were passing through 🙁

3. i noticed in devices area where u would add device the connection keeps flipping from paired to connecting like its dropping connection every second and only occurs when you have the driver4vr running it seems stable until you actually press the start driver4vr button on the software then the connection starts flipping?

this may just be something my surface is doing ill test more one i get my Bluetooth adapter from online

Thanks Joe

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