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joe gormanlyjoeontherun

I also borrowed 1 from my brother just for experimenting with my oculus go i had problems even getting my pc to detect it on a bluetooth scan just does not see it and i know its unpaired due to it running through the colours,

i have tried varius things i will list below

1. connecting to pc via Bluetooth holding the home button (windows 10) – No detection at all

2. Connecting to oculus go headset via the oculus software which allows you to add controllers again the same no controller found

3. Actually adding the controller in via the development section on the headset where it lets you pair Bluetooth devices (This did see the controller & added it however there was no functionality) it just sat dormant 🙁

1 thing to note when i did pair it to the oculus there was no prompt for pin code and apparently you need to enter a pin?

Are these controllers proprietary to Samsung devices all there advertising seems to point to that, but you would think if it added as a Bluetooth device on the oculus go then running the driver4vr would then interface it but i had no luck passing the device through to the software, or it wasent looking in the right place for it,

Maby its me maby im syncing wrong and just to add i did remove the oculus go controller to see as they state you cant use 2 at once but it would seem i cant even get the gear vr controller to work on its own,

I am thinking that Samsung with there vr software or an app is interlinked and when the controller is added to a Samsung phone it interfaces with that and this is why other devices are not working with it?