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Matthew BesterBester

Hello Greg, I have run into a similar issue as above.

Last night I finished a very successful VR session, my best yet, but this morning (without changing anything) both my controllers are stuck together, fixed in the same spot. They rotate fine and the buttons operate OK but I am unable to move them. It is almost like they are stuck at a zero coordinate.

This is strange because last night they worked beautifully!

Nothing appears to have been updated overnight. I have tried a few restarts, then I tried to verify SteamVR files, then I tried to reinstall Driver4VR driver, reinstall TrinusPSVR driver. Calibration of the PSMoreService appears to be fine but no luck.

I was doing so well too, this is the first time I have had to reach out for help. Controller offset is able to “relocate” them but is not a practical solution.

What could be causing them to become fixed to the spot together like this?

Current setup:
Windows 10 1903
TrinusPSVR 1.0.9
PSMoveService v0.9-alpha 9.0.1
PSVR Headset V2
2x PlayStation Move Controllers V2
Kinect V2

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