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Thomas Anthony PedersennufanDK

I’m sorry, I don’t think I was quite clear in my post.
I’m testing a setup with Vridge and GearVR together with Driver4VR. For the testing of the controller I turned off the kinect tracking.
I’ve found two answers to my post, but a new question arose.
The reason the red square was not working was apparently because Vridge adds another Virtual Gamepad, that was showing up, and though linked to the Xbox controller, it did not translate comletely. Once I chose the “right” gamepad, I could move the red square around (at least with one stick). Now to my question regarding the clash with SteamVR, I’m a bit unsure if it was actually a problem or not, since I found the problem with the Vridge virtual controller. However, I did manage to find, that SteamVR does have bindings to the gamepad, and I do think that was the problem. In the SteamVR settings, I found that I could remove all bindings to the controller (per app, but since I’m just testing with SteamVR Home right now, it was easy), and that solved the conflicting bindings.

However, now another issue has come up. I can get the Vive controllers to be controlled by my gamepad, but they don’t show up on the screen. The “laser” shows up, if I press the trigger, and the variety of tools comes up when pressing the shoulder, but when nothing is pressed, they don’t show up. This is problematic, as they often tend to drift outside my viewfinder, and it gets a bit difficult to locate them 🙂

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