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PS Move

Video tutorial:

Old instruction:

For skeleton tracking you should keep you hand in way it don’t go too much outside your hand.

Driver is using PSMoveService to access and calibrate devices and will prompt you to download.

2. PS Move configuration – turn ON
2.1 Perform pairing of each device as per instructions.
2.2 Perform calibration of each device as per instructions.
2.3 During gameplay you need long press Select to align orientation with headset.
2.4 Assign device with tracker using Assign button.

Button mapping (SteamVR – PS Move):
* Reset orientation – Select pressed for 3 seconds
* Trigger – Trigger
* System – PS Button
* Grip – Cross/Circle
* Menu – Square – right hand/Triangle – left hand
* Touch Touched – Move Button (see configuration)
* Touch Press – Move Button double press (see configuration)
* Touchpad navigation – while pressing move controller will map to move of touchpad.
* Rotation 90/180 degree – Square: left – left hand/Triangle: right – right hand

With version 3.1 there is configuration of PS Move introduced that allows configure rotation angle and touchpad behaviour. Please find screen below.
PS Move configuration v3.1

E.g. how to press button in right corner:
1 Touch button once to initiate emulation of touchpad in centre of touch area.
2. Move controller up-right to emulate moving finger over touchpad
3. You can then unpress button and press again that will emulate like you would touch again in same touchpad location.
4. You can unpress and make double press that will emulate touchpad press.
5. If you unpress for 1 second then after another press will start with centre location. That means you can effectively emulate touch or press continuously on touchpad as long as you keep it unpressed by no longer then 1 second.