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Great news, @greg !
By the way, the last 5.2.8 version is still KO for key mapping, only the seems to work.
It will be a real added value to have this function in driver4VR, it will remove the need of steam, controller mapping and OpenVR advanced settings.
Your question is not trivial, because half of simmers will want to have return when relase and the other will have to press another button. I suggest you to allow rotation of view either on button/key press and on button/key release.
So if you want to return to original rotation you can use mapping on press and release, if you want to toogle the rotation you will use only mapping on press.
Beware that simmer have a lot of USB devices (joystick/throttle/MDF/…) so it should be easy to use the button they want. And it should be also good to have key or button mapping feature, because all joystick software allows key binding and there are only 32 buttons in directX joystick, they may be already used. In another way, some simmers have difficulties to use these softwares…

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