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Aaron AChia-P

I’ll be direct about this. You’re not buying $20 for customer service support, and he isn’t offering it. He’s not obligated to provide such support.

$20 gets you an already-compiled copy of Driver4VR. Open source components or not, you are paying for convenience of not being required to build it yourself. That $20 is paying for the time put into assembling the interface, creating and recording the official tutorials and all the energy put into them.

A one-time fee of $20 is hardly a deal-breaker for Virtual Reality technology. For example, VorpX is $40 and quality VR accessories are easily upwards of $100-$200. We’re talking about software programming for Virtual Reality technology– something that has remained slightly experimental even in the consumer market in 2020. Greg is ironing out the kinks and asking for a one-time fee as a business.

You as a consumer still have options. If you don’t want to pay, you are free to assemble a working copy for yourself with your own programming knowledge, have a crack at it. Until then, use the demo/trial version, enjoy the full version or stop using Driver4VR altogether.

Nothing obligates people to buy Driver4VR except their own peer pressure.