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I have to say, Well done on this. It works pretty damn well, aside from the high cpu usage. I’m sure that’s what is causing my Kinect to not capture smoothly. Mind you, this is an older computer, fx-8320@4.4ghz, 8gb of ddr3 1600 ram and an r9 280x. running this with riftcat and steam vr home uses about 80% of my cpu and gpu. But, hey, great work. I can’t wait to see the head tracking with the colored ball available as well. With the psmoveservice, is it possibly anything having to do with the ROI for the colored balls causing the high cpu usage? I’m sure you’ve already checked that out. I wish i knew more coding, I’d love to help you out on this project in any way possible. Hopefully you can get the multiple kinects working as well. That would be super sweet, or possibly a hybrid setup using ps3 cameras and the Kinect, just so you don’t get the blind spot from the Kinect with your back turned toward it.