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Hello Rob, Greg,

let me first thank you both. Rob for having shared the exact use case I wanted to submit and Greg for the excellent job done.

i’m using a similar setup to Rob’s one (Dell T20 Xeon with proxmox to run my W10 guest with GTX1050Ti in pass-through mode) where games run.
I recently discovered iVRy as alternative to VRidge (thanks to one tutorial where i notice the HMD model).
the setup i have in mind looks to me quite “easy” to achieve if you only used psmoveservices as it’s natively available. however, psmoveservices can’t use (yet) kinect.

as this post is quite old, is there any update on remote adoption? i think this might be beneficial in the context of using 2 kinects as recently mentioned.

just as an idea: wouldn’t be already something “easy” but efficient to achive introducing an input field in the Driver4VR to store connection paramaters for a remote adminpsservice process? not pretending to have it started by Driver4VR but just connecting would be nice (it can at least offload the psmoveservice part)

maybe not the right post but, what is btw the difference between “Kinect skeleton” and “psmoveservice with Kinect” in the hands section?

many thanks,