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Mazen KawamZeenyoK

I’m interested in this as well, I’m curious to know if it is possible to be able to remap some of the buttons ie. change which button activates the menu or grip..

Here is my case:
I’ve been experimenting with Gear VR controllers and finally got them to work decently, still struggling with drift so I’m having to reset orientation more often; problem is resetting orientation currently is by double press and hold the volume down button which is uncomfortable to press while playing since it is somewhat out of reach.

I played with joycons for a bit and the reset (+/-) button is more reachable since it is by the thumb so very easy to press without having to change grip and interrupt gameplay.. that made me wonder if it is possible to somehow do the same with Gear VR controllers by making the reset function activate by pressing the home button instead (for example) which is more reachable than the volume down.