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PSMoveFreepieBridge translates and serves positional data captured by PSMoveService into FreePie. Driver4VR relays that information into SteamVR. Extending the bridge if you will – which is weird, now that I think about it.

Sorry, I’ve only just got around to re-reading my post, and I do come across confusing. (Whoops, sorry!)

I think I actually meant PSMoveFreepieBridge, yet I wrote SteamVrBridge.

…At this rate we’ll need a bridge intercepting and translating every mention of ‘SteamVrBridge’ in my calls, so I can get my message across.

When I wrote the above, Driver4VR was in the midst of a code rewrite, and as a result; previously working features, like FreePieBridge positional tracking – were not fully implemented/functional. Since all the talk shifted to Kinect tracking at the time; I was concerned that FreePieBridge and PSMoveService support was slowly being phased out as interest peaked in other means of input/tracking.

* Sorry I unearthed an old thread. I wanted to be a bit more clear. In reality, this thread now no longer serves any purpose. Everything is working rather well now as it stands *