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D TXcalibur

The issue with the ps move controllers moving in elliptical orbit is known and there is a fix for it in the latest PSMoveService/PSMoveSteamVrBridge. If one does not use the Start/Select position calibration method and enter offset in y and z directly in steamvr.vrsettings, the controllers will follow a circular orbit (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5WsEWEZVYM). However, Kinectv1 headtracking put me at a different depth than the controllers.

Even though I’m only using one PS eye, it shouldn’t be that far. I guess one PS eye is bad for measuring distance from camera…

The issue is that PSMoveService doesn’t always work right with Driver4VR. Either we need a manual offset in Driver4VR to compensate or wait for the next release where Kinect will take over the positioning for all parts of your body. Otherwise, we have to play with calibration until it works…

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