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Brandon WalkerLonnyEnds

Hey Greg I have had better luck with open track than freetrack in the past so u am still trying to get it running smoothly. I was also getting a z translation (foward back) with head rotation but assumed it was due to not having the proper measurements and settings cofigured properly yet. I will see if I can get it working better. I am using a 3 point IR system in triangle on hat Ala trackir5.

The main issue with trackir5 is natural point is very protective of their drivers and I haven’t seen anyone able to make trackir5 senor base recognize as a camera to be used in freetrack/open track. I believe freetrack had it at one point but got a cease and disist from the makers of trackir5. This is what has pushed me to a pseye setup.

I will try some experimenting and letting you know how it goes. As I mentioned if I could send rotation data as well from freetrack etc to steam vr that would be awesome as acceleration etc could be implemented.