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Ive tried some more now, on my 2nd computer the kinect just works as soon as its plugged in, tried the fake greenscreen thing.

On my main rig it just keeps blinking, sometimes the motor device, sometimes the speaker device shows up.

Ive tried with a powered USB hub and it worked once but never again.

My bluetooth adapter for my mouse, rf module for my keyboard and the vive are the only other USB devices connected to the computer, they are in USB3 slots.

The Kinect is the only device plugged into a USB2 slot, tried with the hub in between.

Tried USB3 slots, same results.

Tried finding newer USB driver, downloaded the intel updater thing and ive got the newest drivers.

Tried the 1.7 and 1.8 SDK, both installed in win7 and win8 compatability mode.

Keeps blinking.

Should i try getting a PCI USB controller or does anyone have any other suggestions?

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