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Jose RuizJose Ruiz

One more question…I have the cbuchner1(latest) driver for leapmotion installed could this be conflicting with driver4vr? I’ve read about this before but when I uninstall the cbuchner1 driver I no longer see the controls show up. Also I read that I have to go into the leap for vr folder to install a certain file with administrator rights so that driver4vr recognizes leap motion and play with driver4vr only as driver, well I did that as well and no go. Do I just install the orion sdk for leap motion or not even that? Normally I figure things out myself and try to get as far as I can and like everyone I’d like answers. This time around I havent had the time I think I need to do more research. I have a WMR set in another room but the room with the biggest space where my nephews spend most of their time has the driver4vr setup. I’d really like to get it working for them so they dont bump into things like in the wmr room. Thanks