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Jose RuizJose Ruiz

OK I’m able to play some games but I still have the double wand issue and I keep getting BSOD’s. I thought it was related to the steamvr home but that doesnt seem to be the case because it now happens maybe 15 minutes into any game. I’ve tried Ninja Legends, Superhot vr, arizona sunshine and beat saber. They work but like I said they crash the pc. Not since I first built the pc did it bsod and I played the latest AAA games that are not vr in high/ultra settings @ 3840×2160 60hz. I dont think its the actual games or pc either but a problem with driver4vr & steamvr together that something is clashing. The BSOD read “WHEA someting something” hahhaha I’ll get it to do it later again and write down what it says. But any ways it restarts and the computer is good again unless I try vr again.
Another thing, can I remap the gearvr buttons in driver4vr or do I have to do it through steam’s controller settings? For example in arizona sunshine its grabbing with the home button and teleports with the return button and the thumb moves with touch pad but the trigger doesnt point or do anything but in the steamvr window the trigger does work. hmmm