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Jose RuizJose Ruiz

ok some progress, I got the hand movements working but now its not reacting to trigger sometimes. I can get the stemvr dashboard working and can click things there. Another thing, I’m seeing 2 sets of vive wands. One pair is pointing up/down and the other forward and are joined at the wands rings. They do appear in front of me and two the sides like my hands do so that part is good. Maybe no trigger input because of the double wand pairs? Oh yeah everything was working then I blue screened again while playing beat saber, hmmm….. Oh yeah the wands always start all crooked until I do the volume down double click and hold which resets the wands relative to where my hands and controllers are. So yeah everything looks good except for the double wand thing and not reacting to trigger. There seems to have been lots of progress on the gearvr driver since I tried last time 🙂 I can now recommend a combination of Driver4vr($15)-VRTEK($40)-Kinect 360($15)-leap motion($60)-gearvr($20 both)= $150 + various cable extensions and usb 3.0 powered hub(bandwidth issues)I’m sure a modern PC wouldnt have this problem with more usb 3.0 headers. Still you can sometimes find Windows mixed reality headsets for even less than that on ebay( I got my acer headset for $140)
For the record the PC I’m using for this setup consists of:
i7 4790K
16gb 1333mhz 4 slots(low mhz for stability)
gtx 1070 ti
asrock z87 extreme6