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I’m using motion plus adapter and it work fine plus using nunchuck.

Hi Greg, I have an idea. Wiimote is a very capable controller to do 6-dof. All you need is a DIY 4 ir led build in pyramid shape, and the Wiimote will work like psmove or vive controller. Check out Freetrack whick also allow you to use Wiimote. There’s also a few ppl making source code to make Wiimote work in vr environment.
You can also use the original wii sensor bar but only 4 or 3dof I think?

The only downside is only the Wiimote can do 6dof,not nunchuck (no problem since we can control most stuff with one hand, nunchuck can use virtual tracker mode),
and you have to face the ir led all the time. (not a problem too since we have rotational button setting).

Can you put this function on driver4vr? This will be perfect for ppl who only have wii mote on their hand. Like psmove is still quite expensive.
Its a shame that Wiimote although it works like a vr controller but in driver4vr it downgrade moves like mouse.

Also it would be great if you can combine Wiimote virtual tracking with kinect hand/body tracking.