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Nicholas JacksonAr7ific1al

I’m not sure you’re understanding the issue here. I’ll restate the problem.

I use Play Space Mover by naelstrof (linked in my original post). Whenever I use Driver4VR with the play space mover, my feet and legs point in strange directions (see album in previous post). This does not occur when using KinectToVR.

My setup is calibrated fine and my “feet” are on the SteamVR floor. This issue is only present when using Driver4VR. It is not present when using KinectToVR.

I find Driver4VR’s tracking to be much better than KinectToVR, but if I can’t use play space mover without my body contorting into something from an 80s horror flick, I’ll just stop using it completely and recommend anything other than Driver4VR to friends.