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Paul BrophyBrophy

I asked the question on discord and got this reply.

[15:41] P03K!: Hey @Brophy Im also using dk2. What you can do is use 0.8 sdk with steamvr.. Or use open composite for some selected apps.
[15:41] P03K!: You can also configure a profile in OTT if you have set it up correctly

I got the 0.8 runtime to install after uninstalling everything oculus, disconnecting tracker/hmd, install it then reconnecting everything. It detects the camera and hmd and turns it’s on correctly/can be used once I start SteamVR (without oculus-client loaded, as its no longer installed (YAY!)).

I only got round to testing one game which was Contagion VR, however the game got stuck with a ‘black screen’.