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Jason Pollflowspot

Thank you for answering. Once again, as the interpreter may be translating a little differently. Since I have a broken NoloVR controller, I decided to use the Vive controller emulation feature via the xbox one gamepad. I am trying to use it in SKYBOX VR Video Player (https://store.steampowered.com/app/721090/). In this program the function of rewinding the list of files is transferred to the touch panel of controllers. So, like I said earlier, I have to click on the gamepad stick to simulate touching the touchpad and then move the stick down to start scrolling the file list, all the while I keep the stick pressed. In the lowermost position of the stick, the pressure on the stick is no longer possible and the simulation of touching the sensor stops. It will also stop if you run the stick in a circle, in other words, it is impossible to rotate the stick while pressing the stick at the same time. I assumed that the program had a function that when you press the gamepad stick once, the program switches it to the simulation of touching the sensor, and you can simply rotate the stick without pressing it.

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