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So it works one one computer but not the other?

While i have yet to receive the kinect ive ordered i googled a little and here are some things to try:

A different usb port, if you have it in a usb 3 port (blue) you could try a usb 2 port (black), or try the opposite if its in a black port try a blue.
If you dont have usb3, just try any other.

If you have a lot of other usb devices connected, try without them because you migth be reaching a bandwidht limitation.
(seems more likely for rift users since their sensors have a large data output)

Tripple check all cables.

Try connecting the kinect to a powered usb hub if you have one, the current might be too low for some reason.

Hope it works out and hope i dont have any trouble when mine arrives 🙂

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